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PROSTATE TANTRIC is a website which has been specially written for anybody who is interested in learning about prostate massage and tantric massage. These activities can lead to extremely loving relationships and very healthy sexual relations.

We offer the perfect environment for both men and women to experience new sensations for the nourishment and adjustment of their sexual metabolism.

You can learn how to maintain the functioning of the sexual organs through a spirit of love and understanding. You can open your mind and maintain your youth as well as keeping yourself healthy for many years to come.

Our workplace has all the facilities concerned with learning and support for those whose seek to understand themselves and to get to really know themselves. We can teach you a sexual education which can lead to happiness and you will realise the importance of understanding your lover. In addition, it is a good opportunity for anyone who is visiting this website to learn the proper way to build up a secure family and to learn all about true relationships and desire. You can learn how to love and to provide warmth and happiness to your lover.

One is able to cope with the decline in sexual efficiency and potency caused by factors such as elderly diabetes, strain disease or even nerve disease. We can help with any such ailments by providing you with natural treatment.

You help yourself without medicine or any operation. You can appreciate the functioning of all the organs within your body and gain a full understanding. It is possible to learn the important organs of men and it is the prostate gland which can appreciate the application of touch from hands or organs. This will stimulate the five nervous systems together to highly develop the spirit and body for sexual arousal and desire. Hormones can stimulate the glands in both women and men which then combine to give you feeling that you will not have experienced before. We guarantee that you are going to have a new life and it is called the “Saranya Intimacy Institute”


Saranya is the one who discovered this science and the first person in Thailand who has dared to open herself even if she has had to fight with the doctrine of law and morality. However, with over 4,000 Hours of providing treatment at her clinic in Pattaya, Thailand, she has gained detailed knowledge of giving massage to the prostate gland. She has compiled all her experience of giving massage over a ten year period and integrated with the art of a modern physician together with all the theory and has been able to provide help for all the men and women that have visited her.

This has meant that many people have begun a new life with confidence as a lover after they have been taught the secrets provided from within this place.

You will not forget her and this place will leave a lasting impression in your mind and you will take away such fond memories. You will be thankful for the smart and brave new person that you will have become!